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Workplace Injury Victims in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania Need Tough Workers’ Comp Advocacy

It can be hard to admit when you’ve been injured at work, particularly if it’s a slow-developing injury or one that’s not too common.  Injuries that are clearly very serious—such as a spinal cord injury or fall from a ladder broken back on a construction site job, brain injury from a company car accident or a bad burn from a restaurant job or working with toxic chemicals—are usually attended to immediately, often requiring an ambulance and sometimes hospitalization.

At Recht Law Offices, the Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia workers compensation lawyers know it’s all too easy for loyal, hard-working employees to be stoic and not complain about pain, especially when it’s from gradually worsening type of injury. These injuries can be equally debilitating and are often musculoskeletal, requiring longer rehabilitation than more immediately severe injuries, and can mean months of physical therapy or occupational therapy for full recovery.

Such injuries include common hospital worker injuries such as muscle strains from heavy lifting, repetitive stress injury and carpal tunnel syndrome, which are well-known office job and assembly-line injuries, and knee injuries from going up and down stairs and ladders, which is a frequent construction worker injury.

When you’ve had the same job for many years and know all your colleagues personally, or if you are a friend or relative of the owner, it can be even harder to call attention to pain from on-the-job injuries. These days, it is standard practice for companies to carry Workers Compensation insurance, which helps employees recover from injuries at work. Dealing with insurance adjusters can be difficult, however, making the process of healing more lengthy and complicated.

Work injuries should be taken very seriously, even if they seem minor at first. If treatment is not obtained quickly, the recovery process will very likely be longer than it needs to be. You deserve compensation for your work injuries, whether you suffered a major construction accident injury or a more slowly developing chronic pain from repetitive job duties.

If you or someone you love was injured at work, or if you lost a loved one, in a wrongful death job accident, you need the aggressive legal representation of Ohio, Pennsylvania or West Virginia personal injury attorney Recht Law Office. We fight for justice. Call Recht Law Offices at 1-800-HURTLINE or complete the online contact form.

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Seven rules aimed at reducing teen auto accidents in PA, OH, WV

Fatal auto accidents happen fast, especially car crashes involving teenagers. But what if there was a way to save lives? What if something could be done to save 66 lives in Ohio, 34 in Pennsylvania and 21 in West Virginia each year? Sound far fetched? It’s not as difficult as you might think. According to the National Safety Council, if each state adopted seven simple rules for teenage drivers, they could save that many lives each year in all three states. Nationwide, such rule changes would result in more than 2,000 lives saved every year.

Auto accidents caused by teenage drivers happen far too often. Sometimes, they’re not paying attention. Or they’re driving too fast. They may even be using a cell phone. Whatever the reason, you shouldn’t have to suffer. You deserve an experienced West Virginia teen auto accident attorney on your side. You need Recht Law Offices. Serving clients in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio, our lawyers have dedicated their careers to working with auto accident victims, including helping them to decide whether to file an auto accident lawsuit in West Virginia.

Teenagers literally think differently. Increasing scientific evidence has found that teens’ brains are physically different from adults and still developing. That’s why teenagers often do things that make people think, “What were they thinking?”

That’s why the National Safety Council supports states adopting seven specific rules for teenage drivers aimed at reducing the number of auto accidents. These rules include states waiting until drivers are 16 years old to issue a learner’s permit and 16½ years old to issue an intermediate license.

So many factors come into play in an auto accident. Knowing what to do can be extremely complicated. You can’t afford to take chances. Put your trust in a law firm that demands justice. Contact a West Virginia teen auto accident lawyer who will vigorously fight for your rights. Contact Recht Law Offices. We’re on your side.

Texting while driving puts people at risk in WV, PA and OH

What would you do if a texting driver injured you in West Virginia, Pennsylvania or Ohio? How would you pay your medical bills? What if your insurance company refused to pay you? You need an aggressive West Virginia texting auto accident attorney on your side. You need Recht Law Offices. Serving clients in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio, our West Virginia distracted driving attorneys have dedicated their careers to fighting for justice for our clients. We carefully investigate every auto accident and work tirelessly to uncover details others often overlook. We then use this information to build a strong case with one goal in mind: to get our clients the compensation they rightfully deserve. Contact a West Virginia texting auto accident lawyer who puts people first. Contact Recht Law Offices.

Currently, 34 states nationwide prohibit texting while driving. Pennsylvania is considering doing the same. No such laws exist in Ohio. As for West Virginia, it prohibits drivers under 18 years old to use a cell phone. Distracted driving killed 5,474 people 2009 nationwide and injuries thousands more every year. The main reason why drivers have accidents while texting is their reaction time decreases and they’re not paying close attention to the road. According to a recent scientific study, drivers react twice as slow while texting. “It is frightening,” the researchers wrote, “to think of how much more poorly our participants may have performed if the driving conditions were more consistent with routine driving.”

Texting auto accidents happen fast. But the results can last a lifetime. Don’t become another statistic. Take action. Contact an experienced West Virginia accident attorney who understands the law and fights passionately for clients. Contact Recht Law Offices. We’re on your side.

Teenage drivers in WV, PA and OH put people in danger in summer

Accidents happen fast. One second, you’re safely driving down the road. The next, you’re injured in an accident caused by the other driver. Accidents can happen anytime for any reason. But certain times of the year are more dangerous than others, especially when a teenager’s behind the wheel in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, more deadly auto accidents involving teenage drivers happen than any other time of year nationwide, according to a recent auto accident study by AAA.

What would you do if you were injured in an accident caused by a teenage driver? You need a strong West Virginia auto accident lawyer on your side. You need Recht Law Offices. Serving clients in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio, Recht Law Offices has a well-earned reputation as a no-nonsense West Virginia auto accident attorney. We thoroughly examine the details of every accident case on behalf of our clients. We then use that information to build a rock-solid case with one goal in mind: to get our clients the money they rightfully deserve.

Don’t leave your future to chance. Put your trust in a West Virginia car accident attorney who puts people first. Contact Recht Law Offices. We mean business.

The number of fatal accidents caused by teenage drivers is startling. In 2008, fatal crashes involving drivers 15 to 20 years old killed 242 people in Pennsylvania, according to official government statistics. Similar figures are equally astounding for other states served by our law firm. In Ohio, 211 people were killed. In West Virginia, 48 people.

Serious accidents demand serious attention. If you’ve been injured in an accident caused by a teenage driver, you deserve justice. Take action. Contact Recht Law Offices today. Our lawyers have dedicated their careers to fighting for victims of auto accidents. Dedicated, determined, driven to succeed – Recht Law Offices. We’re on your side