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West Virginia Police Step Up DUI Enforcement Over the Holidays

Dec 2012

From the Wednesday before Thanksgiving straight through until January 2, there is generally an increase in the number of drivers on the road. The added holiday traffic has many causes, from drivers traveling long distances to go home or on vacation to people heading out shopping or celebrating.  Unfortunately, with this increase, there are also more drunk drivers on the road as people are out celebrating.

The combination of more drivers, and more drunk drivers, is often a lethal one and there are typically multiple DUI deaths over key holiday weekends. To help prevent fatalities and keep drivers safe, law enforcement in areas throughout West Virginia will be stepping up DUI enforcement this festive season. Our West Virginia auto accident attorneys urge drivers to be aware of the added law enforcement scrutiny and, more importantly, to refrain from drunk driving so you don’t put yourself or others in danger.

Holiday Drunk Driving Dangers

Drinking and driving is always a dangerous risk to take, but unfortunately many people choose to do it anyway. ¬†Certain holiday events, including the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and New Years Eve, encourage celebration and may result in many people headed out to bars and clubs. Unfortunately, sometimes those who go out drinking don’t end up coming home because they are involved in a fatal wreck. Even more tragically, a DUI driver risks not just hurting himself, but also of hurting a passenger or an innocent third party who just happens to be on the road at the same time.

Statistics show that these incidents where a DUI driver causes death are all-too-common. According to the Register Herald, 316 people died in West Virginia because of drunk driving and around 10,000 people died throughout the U.S during this time period.

Taking Action to Prevent Drunk Driving

Because so many people tend to drink over the holidays, police typically step up DUI enforcement efforts on key weekends. Police in law enforcement will be taking this step in West Virginia in the current holiday season. According to News and, for example, three additional officers have been assigned to the roads in Parkersburg, West Virginia almost every day in December. These officers will be vested with the responsibility of spotting potential drunk drivers.

Drivers who are thinking about drinking and driving should be aware of the added law enforcement scrutiny in areas throughout West Virginia over the holidays. Both to avoid arrest and to help improve safety, drivers this holiday season should also:

  • Assign a designated driver and/or come up with a way to get home before going out drinking rather than assuming you’ll figure something out later.
  • Take away the keys of a friend who is considering drinking and driving.
  • Have the phone number of a taxi cab with you or available every time you go out, even for one drink, so you can call a cab if you decide you need one.

By following these basic tips, hopefully people can avoid drunk driving and reduce the risk of drunk driving wrecks over the holidays. Sadly, some people may still break the law and drive drunk, hurting or killing themselves or others.

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