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Teenage drivers in WV, PA and OH put people in danger in summer

Accidents happen fast. One second, you’re safely driving down the road. The next, you’re injured in an accident caused by the other driver. Accidents can happen anytime for any reason. But certain times of the year are more dangerous than others, especially when a teenager’s behind the wheel in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, more deadly auto accidents involving teenage drivers happen than any other time of year nationwide, according to a recent auto accident study by AAA.

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The number of fatal accidents caused by teenage drivers is startling. In 2008, fatal crashes involving drivers 15 to 20 years old killed 242 people in Pennsylvania, according to official government statistics. Similar figures are equally astounding for other states served by our law firm. In Ohio, 211 people were killed. In West Virginia, 48 people.

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