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Texting while driving puts people at risk in WV, PA and OH

What would you do if a texting driver injured you in West Virginia, Pennsylvania or Ohio? How would you pay your medical bills? What if your insurance company refused to pay you? You need an aggressive West Virginia texting auto accident attorney on your side. You need Recht Law Offices. Serving clients in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio, our West Virginia distracted driving attorneys have dedicated their careers to fighting for justice for our clients. We carefully investigate every auto accident and work tirelessly to uncover details others often overlook. We then use this information to build a strong case with one goal in mind: to get our clients the compensation they rightfully deserve. Contact a West Virginia texting auto accident lawyer who puts people first. Contact Recht Law Offices.

Currently, 34 states nationwide prohibit texting while driving. Pennsylvania is considering doing the same. No such laws exist in Ohio. As for West Virginia, it prohibits drivers under 18 years old to use a cell phone. Distracted driving killed 5,474 people 2009 nationwide and injuries thousands more every year. The main reason why drivers have accidents while texting is their reaction time decreases and they’re not paying close attention to the road. According to a recent scientific study, drivers react twice as slow while texting. “It is frightening,” the researchers wrote, “to think of how much more poorly our participants may have performed if the driving conditions were more consistent with routine driving.”

Texting auto accidents happen fast. But the results can last a lifetime. Don’t become another statistic. Take action. Contact an experienced West Virginia accident attorney who understands the law and fights passionately for clients. Contact Recht Law Offices. We’re on your side.