Summertime Events in PA, WV and OH Can Mean Slip and Fall Injuries and Property Liability Risks

Warm weather is usually a time of fun and relaxation, but injuries occur that don’t happen during other times of the year. This is especially true around swimming pools. If you’re injured at a friend’s pool, a community pool or a hotel pool, the property owner’s liability comes into question. Anyone who slipped and fell near or into someone else’s pool should hold the pool and property owner responsible for any injuries, whether it’s a neighbor, the city or hotel owner.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, certain types of pools present different levels of accident risk. In its report, “Stay Safe In and Around Swimming Pools,” the CDC explains that portable or inflatable above-ground pools present a significant risk of drowning, particularly among boys under five years old. Because of the flexibility of these pools, the side of the pool can collapse and cause someone to slip and fall into the water and drown.

West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio personal injury lawyers at Recht Law Offices remind property owners with inflatable pools to apply the same safety precautions as for in-ground pools, including four-sided fencing and non-slippery surfaces around the pool edge. Children slipping and falling near pools is an especially common summer accident.

The CDC goes on to report that most kids from age 1 – 4 drown in private swimming pools. Considering that many property owners don’t remind kids to walk and not run near a pool, the statistic is not surprising. Puddles, slick paths and slippery tiles can make the edge of a pool or patio slippery and hazardous. If a property owner allows kids to run near the pool, the slip and fall risks increase exponentially.

There are so many wonderful Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia swimming areas. With water, however, comes danger. Be cautious when out having fun in the sun—especially if someone else owns the property.

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